A reflection on the time and elegance of New York by Julian Besson

1.C41by Julian

Julian Besson says about himself:

“I am a Parisian street photographer not professional, passionate about the city of New York.
My work is filled with busy streets, pockets of untouched neighborhoods and the youth that stomp these grounds. I ‘m access to the portrait, i study life, i love walking around to random streets and waiting for the moment to come. The desire to capture moments and try to express my sensitivity , to capture nowadays youth, the vibe of this city. I try to give a timeless side to my work linking past and present. I photograph for 5 years in a more artistic way.”

About ‘Naked New York’:

Coming back from my 4th trip to Brooklyn in May 2018, I tried to capture timeless moments that the street gives me, which convey an intense feeling of loneliness, ephemeral, surrender. 

This part of my photographic work in new york in may 2018 is more social, it’s about the silent life , the objects that we give up and the passing of time. It’s also about some happier moments around the elegance of the New York , I was lucky enough to be able to shoot some extras from the movie ‘the Marvelous Mrs Maisel’, a shooting pictures of backstage TV series in 1954! thanks to them for their looks .

The future for our children, what’s gone, what’s left, thank you to this little boy so alone with his plastic gun and to this teacher. to this workers.

14.c41 By Julian

13.c41 By Julian

12.c41 By Julian

11.c41 By Julian

10.c41 By Julian

9.c41 By Julian

8.c41 By Julian

7.c41 By Julian

6.c41 By Julian

5.c41 By Julian

4.c41 By Julian

3.c41 By Julian

2.c41 By Julian

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