Creative duo JMP and Francesco Cuizza fights the illusion of fears

“Warrior with a Crown” is the first fashion film co-directed by L.A. based photographer and filmmaker JMP and model Francesco Cuizza, signed with Storm Management.

It takes the viewer on a journey of becoming aware that fear and failure are nothing but manmade illusions. The short film addresses how our need to conquer is just a fight with ourselves, with the journey itself becoming the real conquest.

 How did this project begin? And why did you decide to tell this story?

The project started developing and growing in my mind after a conversation with my friend and mentor Ugo Cacciatori about life events – good and bad. He’s a huge inspiration to me. I wanted to share a positive message with the world, one where I tell how everyone goes through difficult moments in life and it seems impossible to go ahead. But once you look inside yourself and listen to what you have to say, you realise you have all the answers. Your inner is where everything starts, you just need to learn from yourself.

 What are the main themes, feelings, aspects you wanted to highlight in this film and why?

The story highlights different situations we face in life, but all leading back to fear. It’s about understanding how easy it is to fall into that dark tunnel that life seems to have taken you to. And how important it is to react and fight back, learning from your mistakes and seeing that they will become the foundations of your strength.

 How did your creative relationship begin? What did you both bring in this duo?

JMP shot the film, whereas I acted in it and wrote it. But really it’s more the connection and chemistry that we have – our friendship is what we brought to the table. And as I’d like to say, I’m smart because I surround myself with people that are smarter than me.

 Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

In cinemas across the world. Period.

Warrior With A Crown 1

Warrior With A Crown 2

Warrior With A Crown 3

Warrior With A Crown 4

Warrior With A Crown 5

Warrior With A Crown 6

Warrior With A Crown 7

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Francesca Pavoni
Published on
15 May 2019
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