Jann Höfer depicts the silent hope of the Iranian people

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Jann Höfer is a freelance photographer born in 1986 and based in Cologne, Germany. He works in the field of reportage, documentary and portrait photography. He holds a Bachelor in Photographic Studies and is currently enrolled in the Photographic Master Studies at the „University of Applied Sciences and Arts“ in Dortmund, Germany.

In his personal projects he is interested in portraying what is no longer present by photographing what remains and what is remembered. Empathy as key characteristic gives him the opportunity to tell the stories of his protagonists. He is interested in how traumatic events in the past affect the self-development and way of life.

In 2020 he finished his project „The problem are Sundays“ describes the emotional state that arises after a sudden death and being a young widow. It is published in a newspaper-format wich is designed as a pop-up exhibition.

In 2019 he self-published his book „Like Wet Cement“, wich tells the story of the former sect „Colonia Dignidad“ in Chile and how the inhabitants come to terms with their past after 40 years of physical and sexual abuse.

In 2018 he was nominated for the Joop Swaart Master Class – World Press Photo In 2017 he took part at the Canon Student Program bei „Visa pour
l’image“, Perpignan.

About ‘This Belongs to You’ – words by Jann Höfer:

This belongs to you is an photographic approach to the emotional state of two generations in Iran. The gap between them is filled with incomprehension and unspoken. The young generation sees themselves as victims of the actions of the former revolutionaries, the older generation as victims of the power of leadership. They are united in a silent hope.

I read
I read
about clattering dishes, about noisy hesitation.
about lonely revolutionists,
and the feeling of being something heavy.
about a generation of victims,
about a another,
wich does not speak for fear of incomprehension,
about shattered hope, violence and about a crack.
There is a burden of guilt without being guilty.
Iran, 2018

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5 August 2020
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