Jacob Mitchell approaches everyday life things through a playful sight

Jacob Mitchell South Sign 5

Jacob Mitchell is an American photographer, born during July 1997 in Louisiana. Graduating with a degree in photography during 2017, he is currently based in California. Photography has been a fundamental part of his life since 8 years ago.

In his work he portrays the beauty and liveliness found in commonly mundane subjects, creating evidence of things often ignored by the most. Jacob bends the lines between the real world and what is human-made, constructing photographic works that are seamless. 

About ‘South’ – words by Jacob Mitchell:

South was shot between the years of 2015-2018 in the Southern States of the U.S.. It depicts the mesmerizing decay of buildings, businesses, and signs. This series depicts the playful attractiveness to the stale emptiness that frames daily life. Through the pictures, a world showing beauty that is often overlooked has been created.

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26 September 2019
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