Issue 5: tomorrow

This is the second issue of C41 Magazine released in 2017. C41 is a printed edition of contemporary visual from all over the world, published three times a year.

We believe that this was a tough year. A lot happened, and the way we look at 2018 is shaped by difficulties and hopes, a combination of mixed feelings that makes our future scary and exciting at the same time.

That’s why this issue is dedicated to the future. To us, future is split – we open with positive stories, about people like Elon Musk, a contemporary symbol of innovation, and young Milan-based Filipinos, who are changing Italy’s future with their traditions and passions. But this edition continues with darker stories, with the other side of our future: climate change, extinction and fear.

However, we stay strong. Future makes us dream, and that’s why you will find photos taken during NASA explorations. We have to keep dreaming, hoping and exploring. What comes next is the future.

DETAILS: 196 pages, offset printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in Italy by ON TIME Srl.
DATE OF PUBLICATION: October 17, 2017.
COVER BY: Luca A. Caizzi
AUTHORS: Pietro Cocco, Piero Percoco, Clara Giaminardi, Sergio Camplone, Michael P. Amato, Dwight Eschliman, Karim Huu Do, Marco Mucig, Jonathan Desbiens, Aris Akritidis, Panos Damaskinidis, Grebnellaw, Jacopo Benassi, Andrea Chronopoulos.

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