Publishing our paper magazine #3 today: how we ‘change’

C 41 Magazine issue 3 is out

When we first thought about researching change as a theme, our minds went straight to the United States of America, and the quite delicate moment the country was experiencing with a particular race for the White House.

After eight years of Barack Obama as President, it’s time for change. And as we like to imagine, we’re using this as a chance to talk about photography.

C41 Magazine presents our third paper issue with the artwork by the famous Japanese artist, Kensuke Koike, on its cover. Inside, you’ll see our research from photographers from all over the world, the new section full of personal projects, the interviews, the main editorial from Brooklyn (NY), the video section about a famous tale of a goose with a copper beak, and the curatorial space about migrating into a new world.

This is the very first time we’ve called upon a non-photographer to create our cover. Do you ever change your mind?

Move to the button to see the change.

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19 December 2016
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