We are all fishes, traped in our aquarium: Inna Mosin’s quest for freedom

Inna Mosina Quest Freedom 02

Inna Mosina is a Russian fine art photographer of 26 years old who lives and works in the city of Saratov, she graduated in law, but the call from art took her to a new path in which she is carried away by predilection for photography, showing right from her first experiences an innate ability to create images in the middle between the ethereal, dreamlike, fantastic, and the conceptual.

The colors and elements that make up the scene put an emphasis on the significance of each work, as well as the faces of the women portrayed. The subjects of Inna Mosina pictures are those of women who represent the contemporary Russian culture, these are dreamy women, reflective and melancholic, often suspended in mentioned expressions, not completely defined, they have faces that allow the viewers to create a world beyond the image that they are watching. Inna Mosina creates images full of pathos that sublime the author’s need to tell a feminine story, whether if that is of pure fiction or real.

Inna Mosina Quest Freedom 05

About ‘Quest for freedom’:

The main character of this stage series is a Gold Fish named Anna. She realizes that she is free and don’t know any other life besides her aquarium. Every modern person considering himself free although without true understanding if it’s his own thoughts or his thoughts are the result of public opinion, a personal negative experience of the past, his education, environment and so on. Doesn’t he know where is his true self?

As a fish the people living in the aquarium of their own limitations which can be reduced or enlarge by size, but never get out of it totally. But the limitations are only in our mind. Get out of aquarium, allow yourself to be truly free.

Inna Mosina Quest Freedom 01

Inna Mosina Quest Freedom 06

Inna Mosina Quest Freedom 07

Inna Mosina Quest Freedom 04

Inna Mosina Quest Freedom 03

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