Ilaria Demo De Lorenzi and Gloria Capirossi depict a silence made of light

Ilaria Delorenzi The House Of Silence 9

Ilaria Demo De Lorenzi is an art director and multimedia artist based in Milan. Ilaria graduated with hons from NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) BA in Arts and Fashion Design, in Milan, 2018. In 2019, Ilaria attended the MJW (Milan Jewelry Week), winning the Scuola Ambrosiana Award at the event Artistar Jewels. She will attend MJW again in October 2022. In 2020 she attended the Art Direction for Fashion course at Central St. Martins College – London. At the moment Ilaria works as art director in the fashion, music and art field, and her work as multimedia artist is located in several international galleries such as Galeria Alice Floriano in Brazil.

Gloria Capirossi is a freelance fashion and art photographer. Gloria graduated from the Art School of Forlì in 2015, after which she continued her studies obtaining a master degree as Visual Design Specialist. During her studies, she has always worked alongside professionals photographer in the fields of fashion, communication and advertising. Having always felt the need to deepen her knowledge, she attended several workshops with art curators and lighting experts such as Chiara Capodici and Max De Martino. Gloria is now a freelance photographer, collaborating with artists, fashion companies and agencies. In 2021 some of her photos will be displayed in Berlin at GH36 Gallery.

About The House of Silence

The House of Silence is a one chapter visual essay from the project Bright Panoramas (2020), that investigates alternative ways of narrating artworks within the art communication world. Every artwork of this chapter has been selected from the catalogue of the Italian contemporary Art Gallery Artistica, based on the artists’ poetic and approach to his/her’s art. After this selection and an attentive study of art direction, storytelling and photography, the artworks have been used as mediums to amplify their significance and tell the story of their creators.

The project Bright Panoramas, started by the creative director Ilaria Demo De Lorenzi and the photographer Gloria Capirossi, is a new form of curation and representation of art, a representation whose focal point is to give art a major presence in nowadays media, and to give space and time for it to be absorbed by the young public, more and more absorbed by social media world, extremely fast communication and in need of quality, long-lasting, meaningful contents.


Artworks available at: Artistica Gallery
Artists: Giulia Spernazza, Marco Cavalieri, Marco Giunchi, Flu Creazioni
Creative Direction and Set Design: Ilaria Demo De Lorenzi
Photography: Gloria Capirossi
Location: Villa Forano

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26 April 2021
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