The young people of Kiev who are discovering life told by Hiroyuki Koshikawa

Kostya Brokencar

Hiroyuki Koshikawa is a self-taught photographer from Japan. He moved to Berlin in order to make a new life from scratch and started taking photographs in January 2011. His first approach at ”documenting” was 2012, about for a year he spent time with Roma people who were living in abandoned building in central Berlin.  After about 10 times visiting in Kiev since June 2013, finally he moved to Kiev, Ukraine in July 2015 and currently working on a few documentary projects in Berlin and Kiev.

About ‘DYADYA’:

Since summer 2013, I have been documenting daily life of youth in Kiev. The reason why I started taking photograph them was very simple that I just wanted to find out how Ukrainian youth in a big city live today.    

Beginning of the project, I met one skateboarder crew on internet and asked to talk about Kiev and some shooting. Then it expanded circle of friends. Most of people who I photographed are from circle like skater, model, party kids, whatever people in subculture scene. That might be a little exaggerated but it is like everyone knows everyone.

To spend time with them made me inspired so much so I decided to keep making repeated visit and eventually I moved to Kiev in August 2015. So I slowly got to know people and begin to understand about life in Kiev.   

They have much in common with youth all over the world: they are exploring life, trying out the boundaries, hoping for better life than their parents have, they’ve got ambitions for achievements and look for their special place in this world. I don’t have strong aim in journalistic way, of course everyone knows that many journalists have covered regarding things which are related with war, I mean why I am saying that its because people tend to ask me those things.  And I say its not my work.

I am photographing them as a friend, at least I try. We even don’t talk about war or some bullshit stuff because they don’t talk about it in their daily life basically. Its not a real actually. So the main idea of my project had become to show youth as it is and to show the feelings of these people to the world which is the main media doesn’t show.  ( Most likely as you know, things like what I have been doing in Kiev has become trend for photographers from other country, because its “cool” and “edgy” though. ) 

Andrey Smile

Weed Tattoo

Vanya Yellow






Oleg Skate




Early In The Morning


Denis Dnipro



Before Clubbing

Artyom Night

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