Guido Domenichelli tells of a life of solitude

Guido Domenichelli Ne Ho Viste, Ne Rivedrò C41magazine Photography 31

This is an unpublished project premiered today on C41 Magazine.

Born on 16/07/1998 in Montepulciano, a small village in the province of Siena, Guido Domenichelli grew up in the middle of the hills of the Val di Chiana and Valdorcia. The beauty of those landscapes in constant contrast with the family and social dynamics that accompanied his growth were the triggering elements of a desire for revenge. So he joined the LABA Florence, to study photography and find an escape from a world of constraints and temporary escape routes.

About ‘Ne ho viste, ne rivedrò’ – words by Guido Domenichelli:

“Ne ho viste, ne rivedrò.” is a project that I started last July, when I decided to get away from my family. It starts right from the house where I got used to ten years with my mother, passes through my father’s and then crosses all of Italy, from Liguria to Puglia, and then arrives in Sicily, at the southernmost point of the boot.

The leitmotif of my work is loneliness, which manifests itself without intrusiveness, respecting the search for serenity through solitude itself. Failure is contemplated.

The search for balance also passes through the company of nature, which shows itself as living matter, as well as the human being, who in the project is presented in a drastic way and has a strong impact in the search for peace.

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27 November 2020
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