Gloria Pasotti reveals the invisible aspects of everyday sceneries

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Gloria Pasotti (b. 1987, Italy) is an artist working with photography, video and drawing.
Her works ruminate on the everyday and overlooked, trying to represent it with an enigmatic approach and a blend of wry wit and touching sentimentality.

The construction of every project is a non-linear process, a dynamic and performative dialogue with her physical environment and domestic situation, thinking around the concept of home.
She tries to understand and represent ephemeral aspects of reality, impossible questions, magic tensions hidden in everything waiting to be freed.
She tells about the closest, smallest and useless things; things without status which carry a sort of invisibility around them, the accidentally miraculous.
In her photos and installations, she intensifies the humane aptitude for organizing spaces and forms. She collects, remixes and alters every-day-life objects and all the different kinds of encounters she has during her real-life and web patrols with the attempt of creating a new order of forms and imageries.
Gloria completed a BA in Science and Technology of Art and Performance from Brescia University and a MFA in Photography from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera from Milan.

About ’40 Day Dream’:

What happens when nothing happens?

40 Day Dream is a photographic journey around my home and familiar places trying to reanimate glimpses, landscape elements, household objects trapped in the order of the vision and usual actions.

It’s an ongoing project started 2014 due to a very deep sense of boredom towards all my familiar environments, when the things, as you know them, become mute and don’t speak to you anymore.

Tissue folds, out-of-range objects that break space, defying gravity. Things that are imposed with the strength of their banality and exude a vital energy that calls me and in which I recognize myself.

Traveling in daily micro-worlds, I glitch the everyday, I undermine and reposition, suggesting an alternative reading of overlooked events. My approach focuses on a subversive and decisive play between the real and the imagined. It opens up a conversation on the visible and the invisibile, presence versus absence, ordinary and extraordinary.

I depict a world out of order, loaded with rather dark but also sensuous and often humorous undertones.
The alterations applied to objects and gestures are mostly elementary and those create small sceneries that reveal new imagined qualities inherent to the real that are often impenetrable.

Gloriapasotti 40daydream 1 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 2 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 3 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 4 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 5 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 6 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 7 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 8 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 10 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 11 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 12 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 13 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 14 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 15 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 16 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 17 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 18 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 19 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 20 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 21 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 22 Gloriapasotti 40daydream 23

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