Frankie Caradonna speaks about cats’ peripheral vision

‘Peripheral Vision’ – a video by Frankie Caradonna

«Cats have an exceptional peripheral vision. when central vision works as a linear spotlight focusing the whole attention on one spot, peripheral vision works grasping multiple inputs at once; this resembles the differences between consciousness and unconsciousness. Can humans expand their peripheral vision? The film has been entirely shot at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.».

Our personal suggestions – words by Alice De Santis

They have always been teaching us that we as human beings descended from animals. However we are hubris, we feel superior, more developed than them and therefore having greater and more effective skills and resources. But let’s stop for a moment and think, maybe you’ve never been reflecting on animals peculiarities that human beings don’t own. The ability to live in nature and to seek their food out, they don’t need pre-packaged or treated things, they don’t want to experiment through strange kitchens and in emergency situations they don’t panic. The animal hunts and is able to survive thanks to its natural instinct. The ability of seeing at night and to camouflage as well as the ability of smaller beings to survive in a world of hunters. We shouldn’t think that they are so different from us, indeed they can teach us a lot. They are able to love like us, they know how to express affection in a myriad of different ways. They know how to adapt, probably better than us and are truly faithful to those who take care of them. Probably we get closer to the world and the animal mentality in the spectrum of dreams, in that parallel world in which we drop all inhibitions while learning how to fight in the dark against our fears, in that unconscious world where we find our true roots.

Frankie Caradonna’s bio

As a mixed media creative and a new digital storyteller, Frankie turns concepts into narrative projects working for the art, film and advertising industry. He is a London based visual artist and his interests expand to short and long form contents: TVCs, branded films, documentaries, feature films, art installations and new immersive forms of storytelling. When he is not working he is snorkelling anywhere there’s a coral reef.


Video by Frankie Caradonna

With Lucia Emanuela Curzi, Superman The Cat
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Words by
Alice De Santis
Published on
10 May 2020
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