Franco Sortini

franco sortini automobili 2014 039

Franco Sortini was born in 1958. He has worked in graphic design and painting until the early 80s, then move on to photography under the guidance of Franco Fontana. Since 1982 he has produced numerous photographic works, dealing mainly in relation to the urban landscape with people and the environment. His photographs have been exhibited in many exhibitions in Europe, and published by major magazines, and many are part of important private and public collections, including those of the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, the AFOCO Archive of Cordoba, the Galleria Civica in Modena, the University of Siena, the museo dello sbarco di Salerno.

A professional photographer since 1986, since 1990 is an active member of the National Association of Professional Photographers. He currently lives and works in Salerno, Italy.

franco sortini   LISBONA 2012 004

franco sortini  SIENA 2014 005

franco sortini automobili 2014 012

franco sortini automobili 2014 039

franco sortini CAPUA  2014 002

franco sortini MATERA 2014 029 mod

franco sortini ROMA SET 2014 001

franco sortini SA CIT GIUD 2014 006

franco sortini SIVIGLIA 2014 020 a

franco sortini SIVIGLIA 2014 030

franco sortini SIVIGLIA 2014 035

franco sortini TARANTO 2014 002

franco sortini TARANTO 2014 008

franco sortini TRIESTE 2014 004

franco sortini TRIESTE 2014 005

franco sortini VIETRI GIU 2014 001

franco sortini ZAGABRIA 2014 004 mod

franco sortini ZAGABRIA 2014 020

franco sortini ZAGABRIA 2014 030

franco sortini ZAGABRIA 2014 060

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