Silence may speak: Francesco Sambati suggests, rather than saying

Francesco Sambati Aphasia 02

Francesco Sambati says about himself:

“My name is Francesco Sambati and I come from Lecce, a city located in Puglia, a region of southern Italy, I am 35 years old, and now I try to work full time in photography.

I am completely self-taught, and of course I still have a lot to learn, but I want to do it alone.

Before turning to photography, I worked in a local television network, until one day, about 4 years ago, in 2012, I took a picture of a girl who was looking at the sea, I liked the result so much that I quit my job and since then I have never stopped to photograph.

The world around us is full of wonders and you can make a good photo even just on the doorstep.

I like very much to portray the female subject and try to show the land in which I live, alternating beauty and melancholy, two factors that in my land are traveling close to each other and would not exist by themselves.

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About ‘Aphasia’:

In this society dominated by the noise and bustle, I was forgetting how it was the silence that has become my personal obsession.

For this reason, I represent my female figures silent, leaving only the image talk and I called this series of photos ‘Aphasia’, from the greek a- (deprivation) and Phasis (‘voice‘).

I prefer to think of what my photos do not show or say, rather than explicitly communicate a meaning or even simply a gesture. I like what is suggested rather than said.

Francesco Sambati Aphasia 01

Figures just mentioned in the shadows or completely enveloped by the light of the sun, they chose solitude instead of becoming victims of the crowd and the city.

Silence and femininity, frozen in real, become a state of mind. Impassive, still, ambiguous, project us into a dimension that we perceive, but we do not see to the bottom.

In this series, open spaces and interior alternate creating images where the real nature of things and the ideal perhaps, for a moment, can collide.

Francesco Sambati Aphasia Cover

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Francesco Sambati Aphasia 17

Francesco Sambati Aphasia 16

Francesco Sambati Aphasia 15

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14 January 2017
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