Fiona Filipidis lays bare her inner workings

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Born in 1990 in Paris, Fiona Filipidis is a Franco-British artist whose practice is born out of collection, research and empathic response, dealing with ideas of balance, intimacy, loss, and memory. She currently lives and works in London (UK) where she spends a considerable amount of time chopping up flowers.

About Dips – words by Fiona Filipidis:

Dips is an ongoing and continually evolving diaristic project I began at the end of 2019, whose intent shifted in 2020 when the pandemic hit Europe and lockdown restrictions were put in place. Initially a means of reviving my slightly shaded relationship with photography, the project quickly took on the form of playful therapy to help my mind wander beyond the four walls of my home. Partially shot on my very first childhood point-and-shoot camera, my aim was to simplify the act as much as possible and try to let my subconscious rule.

My cousin, a psychoanalyst and subject in some of the photos, has been a key part of the process, helping me dissect my images and lay bare my inner workings.

Some of the images are paired up as diptychs, and the singles have been assigned a disembodied quote either from everyday ramblings, or from Rebecca Solnit’s Wanderlust: A History of Walking, which I was reading at the time; very fitting brain food for an immobile body!

Themes of rebirth, sexuality, femininity permeate the series, each image a story in and of itself, each diptych telling its own constructed narrative.

Dip: to plunge or immerse momentarily or partially under the surface

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8 October 2021
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