Federica Calzi reassembles places starting from the details

Federica Calzi Side Notes Photography 17

Federica Calzi is a photographer who lives and works in Italy. After a course of study in Intercultural Communication where she finds fertile ground to cultivate a curious gaze on what is different, she approaches photography, which she identifies as an expressive instrument of her own voice.

She dedicates part of his work to landscape and portrait, with a sensitivity to the themes of memory, of the feminine and of Nature intended as a trace. She uses a language that mixes photography and writing, recognizing the merit of her inspiration for literature. Her intimate gaze wants to touch things without changing them.

About ‘Side notes’ – words by Federica Calzi:

“Side notes” is a series that wants to be observed as if it were the collection of a museum, a set of pieces found to recompose the places starting from the minutiae.

“Side notes” passes through Tokyo, Kyoto, the English coast, Milan, Jordan, the province of the lower Lodi area and it’s a constellation of small things, an effort to keep together what is born distant.

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8 July 2020
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