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F/10 is a collection of innovative ideas and contemporary visions in photography. Every year it will give the opportunity to 10 female creative talents to exhibit their projects.

The first edition of Under 35 female photography will take place at the casematte of Casale Monferrato Castle on 2 nd June and will involve 10 artists: Eleonora Agostini, Giulia Bersani, IoSonoF, Leana Cagnotto, Clara Giaminardi, Cecilia Gioria, Giulia Pittioni, Eleonora Roaro, Giulia Torra and Isabella Vacchi.

Each artist is representing a specific genre of photography: artistic, still life, fashion, portrait, reportage, architecture, installation, 3D, landscape + a general trend, the GIF.

For the last decades, photography has been conquering the status of Art, not only in the most important Italian fairs, but also in major international auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, which devote entire sales solely to photographic works. Although visibility is often given only to the great masters of the ‘900 and to those who have been placed on the market for years.

The initiative aims to provide young photographers with an important platform for their work, which often in Italy have no way to emerge. The intent of the project is, in fact, to create new opportunities, giving visibility and value to young people.

F/10 arises from the need to have a space dedicated to emerging artists and it represents a valuable opportunity for partnership between creativity and institutions to achieve this goal.


Eleonora Agostini | 24 | Venice

Eleonora was born close to Venice in 1991.
In her work she reflects on the idea of temporariness and transition. These themes are explored primarily in a context of everyday life, in which everything is uncertain,precarious and unstable.
She works on these concepts within anonymous and ordinary places such as hotel rooms and motels just left by the customer. Photographs are taken in these moments between past and future that are about to be deleted. It is a catalog of sites that are waiting. Forgotten objects recount experiences and the passing of time, and individuals find it hard to recognize themselves because they are deprived of any familiar landmark. Starting from the series “Welcome Guests” and by introducing photographs that are part of a “work in progress”, the work presented for F10 includes pictures related to the representation of banal actions, unresolved and undefined situations connected to a sense of confusion and dislocation.

Eleonora Agostini

Giulia Bersani | 23 | Milan

Giulia Bersani began to photograph by chance. Taking pictures became a necessity for her, up to the point she realized it could be a perfect medium for working on herself. She began using an analog camera found in the basement and became accustomed to the language of film. When she takes pictures she doesn’t create something that does not exist but she captures what is already there, which is part of our lives and otherwise would be lost. It has the power of the document, the memory in addition to that of suggestion.
Now she is working on a personal research into female insecurity and the common feeling of being wrong. In two years she has photographed more than thirty girls and between one shot and the other, talked about their feelings and their experience.

Giulia Bersani (1)

iosonof | 30 | Rome

IoSonoF focuses her work on the social disintegration of the image of herself. In contrast with the current tendency to be in the foreground, the artist’s works are the result of a cancellation and / or a reworking of the faces of his subjects who become windows of animated worlds. Completely victim of the charm of old movies, often she appropriates the frames of those classic movies that have been the backbone of the values of past generations.


Leana Cagnotto | 25 | Turin

Leana Cagnotto was born in Rosarno (RC) in 1991. In 2010 she moved to Turin where she attended the European Design Institute. As soon as she graduated she joined the creative collective Superbudda. She is a photographer specialized in architecture and interior design, with a particular focus on graphic and material. The static character is conveyed by a pure minimalist research which gives the isolated element a new dimension. The architectures are perceived as a whole by focusing on their location and the relationship with the surrounding environment. Her visions therefore give a different meaning to the detail: it rises from a decorative element to the structure in itself and it becomes a real pattern through the variations of materials, shapes and colors.

Leana Cagnotto

Clara Giaminardi | 24 | Milan

Her work explores new notions of body in the context of fashion photography. With influences ranging from 70’s and 80’s performance art (Marina Abramovic, VALIE EXPORT, Ana Mendieta, Joan Jonas) to modern and contemporary dance (Pina Bausch, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker), her goal is to spread new ideas of body and femininity which draw mainly from feminist writers Elizabeth Grosz, Judith Butler, Rae Langdon and Naomi Wolf. Her work fits within the discussion of body and identity of the new wave feminism which has emerged in recent years on the newly available online platforms, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Clara Giaminardi

Cecilia Gioria | 25 | Casale Monf.

Born in Casale Monferrato, where she returned to live and work in the last two years. The construction of her images is the result of disorderly inner geometries she often coexists with. The use of the self is not intended as a concession to narcissism or an indulgence in vanity, but rather it’s an investigation on herself, an approximation to the knowledge of the self which is not destined to find answers. Through photography, Cecilia becomes the main character of the stories she writes. She uses words in order to make up performances which are frozen and timeless, with the tones of silence. The fine line that exists between the cocoon and prison rules the image. This is how strokes on paper, in pencil or pen, and sometimes absence and emptiness determine the shape. The moment the work is done, invisible and visible for a moment turn out in each other.

Cecilia Gioria

Giulia Pittioni | 24 | Udine

In a contemporary world where computer graphics and technology have made possible the creation of a virtual reality almost identical to the original, a diametrically opposed aesthetic has taken hold. In her work Giulia Pittioni does not hide the use of computers in the processing and manipulation of images, but rather enhances it. High definition is replaced by low resolution. To the correct and clear image she prefers the error. She replaces the realistic rendering with the raw. All these elements allow her to perceive images she describes as digital, as computer produced or derived from an electronic medium. The lo-fi aesthetics is the use of past technologies, those that ten or twenty years ago had a credibility that they have now completely lost. Her images focus on this mechanism: they displace our eyes which are accustomed to another aesthetic and re-contextualize a past one.

Giulia Pittioni

Eleonora Roaro | 26 | Milan

Her practice involves images in motion, with a particular focus on archeology of cinema and video. The artist often revisits ancient devices and iconographies in order to reflect on how technologies influence the way we see. Her projects are often loops, as she considers repetition a constitutive thing of life, both in biological, historical and existential terms. Through self-portrait and still life she makes up stories about paradoxes, illusions and human limits. She works with different media, such as installation, video, photography and sound.


Giulia Torra | 27 | Milan

When you’re a kid, everything is a discover. You look up, you look down, beauty everywhere you look.
Or rather, you find it everywhere.
And so the pockets after a trip, fill up
with stones, sand, leaves.
But those stones, the sand, the leaves are, for us that we have collected, mountain, sea and forest. They are the small part of a whole where we were,
but in which we are no longer.
A whole that returns immediately,
just shake them between his fingers.

Giulia Torra

Isabella Vacchi | 25 | Bologna

French by birth but of native to Bologna, Isabella Vacchi has grown up with the culture, the pride and passion for Emilia-Romagna’s dishes. Rather than creating dishes and cooking, her link with food is best expressed in the taste and the great influence that it has on her: indeed her mood can be changed in a positive way if she eats something that she likes, and vice versa. The genre of still-life is perfectly suited to her nature and character. She is therefore prepared for a kind of work which is solitary and meditative, and doesn’t involve a human subject. Her guidelines in her practice are care in the preparation of the set, calm and attention to detail.

Isabella Vacchi

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