Travelling to build memories: Eren Saracevic reflects upon tourism

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Born in Sarajevo, Eren Saracevic grow up in Menorca and right now is located in Barcelona. Studied communication at IDEP and Design Werkstatt, worked as intern graphic designer at ruiz+company, as interactive art director at cero and now works as art director at *SCPF.

Develops personal works as visual essays as Jill/Clive, typographic essay about the imbalance in memory, or Nostalgia, photographic essay about the impossible return to Yugoslavia.

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About ‘Souvenir’:

Souvenir’ is the translation of the memory of a trip to a graphic publication. The starting point is positioning myself as a tourist, so any criticism is also towards my own figure who is visiting a country, knows him superficially and believes himself entitled to portray him.

This issue is in Brazil, it has an extensive photographic report, a series of typographic illustrations, and two articles, one written by Amanda Martinez, a city planner based on gender and space, urban poverty and social space in Latin American cities, which is complemented by a series of documentary photos in the favela Rocinha.

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On the other hand, Ramón H. Sosa writes an interesting article on the figure of the tourist and that updates some ideas raised by Susan Sontag in his book On Photography moving them to the present time.

The photos, in this case, serve as a complement, tourists photographing the sunset, there is something apocalyptic in all that, I also find it very absurd.

I think that the project is perfectly summed up in a phrase written by Ramon: ‘The holidays will end up assuming a job for the tourist. The joy, the novelties that appear before the traveler are a byproduct of the true objective of the trip: to constitute a memory

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10 February 2017
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