Emanuel Cederqvist walks in Sweden’s last wilderness area

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Emanuel Cederqvist (b.1983) is a photographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Cederqvist is educated at Valand Academy, where he completed his master’s degree in photography in 2018. His work has been shown in both group and solo exhibitions in Sweden and internationally, most recent he’s been exhibiting at Photo London and at Kalmar art museum, Sweden. In 2014, Cederqvist published his first book, What Remains. Since then, he has been involved in the art collective and publisher Blackbook Publications. For his books, The Observer (2016) and The Margin of Error (2019), Cederqvist was awarded the Swedish Book Art prize. Emanuel Cederqvist artistic practice is based on an ambition to gain a better understanding of the place, its history and the experience of it. Without being too didactic he want to show the complexity of our inherited surroundings without revealing all of it’s mysteries.

About The Observer – words by Emanuel Cederqvist:

The Observer is a photobook by Emanuel Cederqvist. The photos were taken in Sarek National Park in northern Sweden, which is usually described as Sweden’s last wilderness. On a walk beyond the beaten path, it may take days before you meet someone.

At a plateau at 1830 metre altitude, just below Pårtetjåkkås peak, lies the weather station Cederqvist visited and photographed. The weather station was built by Axel Hamberg and was completed in 1914. During 1914-1918 the station was inhabited by two weather observers who performed precise measurements of the weather around the clock. In 1917, an accident occurred at the weather station in Pårtetjåkkå and one of the observers, Emanuel Hofling, disappeared in a snowstorm.

The accident remains a mystery, and the body was never recovered. Because of the site inaccessible geographical position, the station and the abandoned measuring instruments remained untouched for over a hundred years. Through this book, Cederqvist examines the gap between chance and the predictable, between the immeasurable and measurable.

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30 June 2021
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