Ding Ren creates a delicate balance between objects and colors

Glassgow 1200

Ding Ren is an artist and educator.  She was born in a small Chinese village along the Yangtze River, grew up in the United States and is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Through a cross-cultural, field driven approach, her analogue photography seeks to draw viewer’s attention to the subtle details of spaces they already inhabit.  Ren has exhibited her work in Canada, China, the Netherlands, Germany, the Philippines, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Poland, South Korea, the US and the UK. Her work has been screened at the EYE Film Museum (Amsterdam) and acquired by the He XiangNing Art Museum (Shenzhen, China) for their permanent collection. She is currently Adjunct Associate Professor of Photography for University of Maryland University College.

About ‘Souvenirs from here‘:

These colors, these objects, these details, these moments. I collect them with my film camera and they become souvenirs.  Each of these photos taken in 2018, I consider them to be souvenirs.  Little collectables.  Talismans against malice.  Symbols of a delicate balance.  An exercise in remembering conducted in a spontaneous way.

Newtown Lights 1200

Sundaymorning 1200

Squiggly 1200

Portablegarden2 1200

Pomegranate 1200

Perfectbasketball 1200

Tealandyellow 1200

Leidenbotanics4 1200

Wgcafe 1200

Matchymagenta 1200

Maastrichtcarpet 1200

Lines Shadows Best 1200

Chineserestaurant Inthemoodforlove 1200

Carpet 1200

Bluecarpet Vertical 1200

Hobby 1200

Hetlandje8 1200

Glasgowbotanics1 1200

Frozen 1200

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19 February 2019
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