Davide Fecarotti is fascinated by the mythological origin of life

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Davide Fecarotti was born in Palermo in 1997. When he was nineteen, he chose to go on with his studies in Belgium. Currently, he’s attending a bachelor’s degree at ESA Saint Luc Tournai. There he’s striving to improve his artistic language in photography.

The human being is the main character of his stories. Davide always tries to focus on those subjects who strike him, so that he can represent and display their dreams, fears, and emotions.

About ‘Rinascita’ – words by Davide Fecarotti:

Before the creation of life as we know it, the human being finds himself in the form of mythological figures, merges with the surrounding elements, becomes an instrument for nature, joins with it creating a landscape far from time. In stoic philosophy, the term palingenesis is used to indicate the cyclical “restitution” or “re-establishment” of the cosmos after its recurrent destruction through fire.
This element takes on the most diverse forms: from the condensation of the original fire comes to the sea, and from one part of the sea was generated the earth. Everything changes continuously and everything is transformed into another; everything flows, everything is a continuous becoming.

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17 September 2020
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