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After a brief stint of youth in Rhode Island, David Behar spent most of his life in South Florida. He then moved to Los Angeles after receiving a Master of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin. For a little over the past decade, he’s been shooting the beach.
David’s photos contain a sense of longing for solitude with an inherited acceptance of the paradise they’re a part of underlined by his choice of isolating subjects from the context.

The people, while being immersed in enviable contexts, often appear bored by the halcyon landscape surrounding them, making reflect on the fact that even the grandest spectrum can normalize.

David Behar’s photography has been recognized by publications and clients from all over the world. His work was printed in the pages of Communication Arts and displayed on the walls of every Apple store. Clients have ranged from Sony Music to the tourism of Israel. A constantly growing list of features includes the likes of Elle Decor, Esquire, Adobe, Fubiz, and Abduzeedo.

About ‘Cabana’ – words by David Behar:

There is an intrinsic charm in the cabana rental structures of Miami Beach. Each is unique and often paired with the umbrellas it rents out to form a small community of matching hues. The hotel staff will even have matching uniforms to top it off. This series came about in late 2017 and early 2018 after getting tired of shooting Miami’s lifeguard towers. Everyone does it and everyone’s seen them, but the cabanas are often overlooked. There are dozens of them but most people have no idea unless they’re willing to walk for hours. Now this series exists you don’t have to, but you still should.

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