Daniele Lisi does an unconventional research of the urban environment

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Professional Photographer and Visual Artist based in Italy. Since 2008 he deals with Photography and Multimedia with a particular attention to the culture of contemporary image. He collaborate with private companies, communication agencies, designers and cultural organizations.

Since 2009 he has been following research projects on contemporary photography and multimedia as author, editor of Silverbook Produzioni (collective focused on contemporary photography and visual arts).Co-founder and researcher of Lungofiume Project, work-in-progress about the Marecchia river and its valley (Emilia-Romagna / Marche).

About ‘Cluster New Jersey Counties’:

“Cluster New Jersey Counties” is a project realized in the spring of 2012 about the American counties of New Jersey and the metropolitan area of New York City, around the [Meadowlands] urban territory that in the 20s was cleared by forests and marshes in favor of development of low density residential areas. The work – divided into two chapters – is based on an “unconventional research” of the urban environment, using satellite images taken from the web. Exhibited at the International Photographic festival in Reggio Emilia – Fotografia Europea, 2015.

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