By its cover: Blood Orange feat. Deana Lawson

It is quite sure that every music artist would like to find a picture that perfectly fit with the imaginary world he built with his own music. It is obvious, but it didn’t happen every time. At least, it didn’t happen so magically and perfectly as in the case of “Freetown Sound”. The third album by Dev Hynes, found a unique match with the work of Deana Lawson, a Brooklyn-base photographer, focused on the glorification of the black body.

This picture was shot by Lawson before even met Blood Orange, and it is called “Binky & Tony Forever”, by the name of the two characters. It shows the young love, surrounded by the intimate atmosphere of a bedroom.  The colors and the Michael Jackson poster recall the pop nature of the Blood Orange music as much as the title of the album, Freetown Sound, where Freetown was the name of the Sierra Leone Capital in which Dev’s father was born. “Freetown Sound” is an album where politics and aesthetics are strictly related, and where there is a massive presence of feminine voices. All these elements are summon up in this unique shot.

Nothing’s better than some good music; nothing but some good music, with some good pictures.

Don’t judge a song by its cover, or maybe do it.

That bedspread though ???? . . #deanalawson #younglove #style #bloodorange #albumcover

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Very soon… FREETOWN SOUND ????

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Words by :Francesco Abazia

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9 November 2017
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