Christophe Vandon and the places shaped by a climatic hardness

1.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

Trained as an architect in France, photography and painting allow me to respond to my need of artistic creation. I am interested in space and humans when I take pictures, when I paint, when I create new buildings. As art teacher in a school of architecture, I help the future architects understand their surroundings through reflection and sensitive perception.

Thanks to this two-pronged approach, painting and photography, I can understand what I see with increasing complexity. My truth is a truth, the one that is looked through my eyes, plain and unadorned.

About ‘A smell of heat‘:

The photographers from these both lands meet here to write a joint tale. A present-day topic, this tale is told through a same way, in those urban and natural places tied by a new reality in our European lands, from Portugal to Helgoland : the heat. It is here a parallel work where each picture can be seen one after another, one from south, one from north with their own reality and their certain similarities, two by two, series by series. The principle of geographical goings and comings allows to detect easily the universal effect of increasing temperature.

Lisbon, capital of Portugal doesn’t need to be presented. However, Helgoland is a little-known island in the North Sea. Four hours in boat from Hamburg, this island belongs to Germany, after England and Denmark with a chequered history between war and holiday resort.

Few parallels appear between north and south in the human behaviour face the hot weather. Each one is looking for shadow, each one adapts his activity waiting for coolest weather to get out. The time has to wait. Each is guided to see through the expression of selected moments which then allow to grasp the necessary adaptation of those who inhabit those places shaped by a climatic harshness forced upon all.  Few differences appear with geographical and spatial eye. Everything is different, even though the stills give no immediate explicit visual sight of the places traveled. One must wonder to discover them. The framings wander between details and expanded viewpoints; they signify both the immensity of spaces and the imposed proximity of street scenes induced by the constrained space of cities. It is always a question of light between sun and shadow to feel the reality of those spaces, so spatially different but so humanely similar in those hot moments.

Here there is no contradiction, the places vary and their expression is simply obvious, complementing each other.

1.1 Lisbonne Cvandon 1200x800

10.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

10.1 Lisbonne Cvandon 1200x800

9.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

9.1 Mindelo Portugal Cvandon 1200x800

8.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

8.1 Lisbonne Cvandon 1200x800

7.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

7.1 Lisbonne Cvandon 1200x800

6.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

6.1 Alges Portugal Cvandon 1200x800

5.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

5.1 Lisbonne Cvandon 1200x800

4.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

4.1 Lisbonne Cvandon 1200x800

3.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

3.1 Lisbonne Cvandon 1200x800

2.2 Helgoland Cvandon 1200x800

2.1 Seoane Galice Cvandon 1200x800

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3 December 2018
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