Charalampos Kydonakis photographs the most immortalized city differently

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Greek photographer Charalampos Kydonakis (known online as Dirty Harrry) is one of the more intriguing contemporary street shooters out there. His vision of the world is correspondingly savage and beautiful.

About ‘Warn’d in Vain’:

Images from ‘Warn’d in Vain’, an Argonautica inspired New York City story;  a stranger’s question mark inside the world’s most photographed city; made between the years 2014-2017 that I spent 7 months on the other side of the ocean. ‘Warn’d in Vain’ was self published in 2018 and it’s a twin book of ‘Back to Nowhere’, a parallel Minotaur tale from Crete, hopefully to be out soon in the future.

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16 April 2019
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