Cecilia Sordi Campos embarks on a fluid emotional journey

Cecilia Sordi Campos Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba 6

Growing up in the countryside in Brazil, Cecilia Sordi Campos got to hold an analog camera for the first time at the age of nine, after winning a contest at the primary school. She took photos of everything and everyone. Unfortunately, many of the rolls of film she went through have never been developed. Sometimes, she still thinks of those never seen photographs. She’s now a Melbourne based photographic artist and has been living in Australia for the past 13 years.

Her past projects have been autobiographical and have explored peculiarities of her migrant experience, liminality, and identity. She’s also interested in the notions of intimacy and the spectrum of personal relationships.

About ‘Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba’ – words by Cecilia Sordi Campos:

To live, and to love is visceral. This project has been made as a means to understand the parallels between my migration from Brazil to Australia and my separation from my partner after ten years. It focuses on exploring the layers that constitute my hybrid identity through the devouring of the self and my cultural influences. Drawing from “Magical Realism” and the “Anthropophagic Manifesto”, “Tem Bigato Nessa Goiaba” has been made without censorship and through it I share the disorders, choices, and metamorphoses that have allowed me to simply live during this period of emotional transition. It aims to have provocation and stimuli that deconstruct notions and customary ways of thinking. It also points out divergent paths that do not mix or unify; they affirm differences and diversity, fluidity and flexibility.

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29 May 2020
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