C41 has been selected seven times at Fashion Film Festival Milano 2019

C41 Studio Milano Fashion Film Festival 2019

We’re glad to spread the news that C41 Studio is joining the forthcoming Fashion Film Festival Milano 2019 with seven movies, produced by K48 for Nike, Givenchy, VFTS, Sunnei and Beyond. Thanks to everybody involved: Francesca Pavoni, Massimiliano Bomba, Jacopo Farina, Giulia Revolo, Van Khokhlov, Leone, Luca Caizzi, Carlo Banfi and the whole C41 Studio team. If you have 13 minutes to spare, now you have got something nice to watch.

Find the movies below and look for Milano Fashion Film Festival program here:

Created by: C41 Studio
Produced by: K48
Creative Director: Luca Caizzi, Carlo Banfi
Cinematographer: Francesca Pavoni
Photographer: Alecio Ferrari
Production manager: Simona Chiarello Ciardo
Styling: Posh94
MUA: Diana De Vita
Talent: Isabella Potì, Venerus

Written by: Luca A. Caizzi
Produced by: K48
Creative Director: Luca A. Caizzi
Cinematographer: Francesca Pavoni
Styling: Giulia Revolo
MUA: Diana De Vita
Models: Carolina Fieramosca (img models milano), Alessandro Mongardi.

Director: Massimiliano Bomba
Produced by: K48
Sound Design: Jean Sound Design Studio
Set Design: Jeam Michel Bertin
Stylist: Suzanne Koller
Hair Stylist: Soichi Inagaki
Mua: Karmi Rahman

Director: Van Khokhlov
Stylist: Diletta Ariano
Makeup: Alice Fadda
Creative Producer: Carlo Banfi

Executive Producers: Barbara Guieu, Leone Balduzzi
Director: Jacopo Farina
Creative Director: Giulia Revolo
DOP: Stefano Grilli

Director: Leone
DOP: Francesca Pavoni
Creative Direction: C41 Studio
Music by: Lorenzo D’Anniballe
Production manager: Meg Belvedere
Production assistant: Carlo Banfi
Color Grading: Daniel Pallucca
Styling: Giulia Revolo
MUA: Vanessa Icareg

Nike Incredibile C41 Studio

Coming soon: L’incredibile!

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10 July 2019
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