C41 Questions On with Noma Osula: The Contemporary Fashion Photography

Questions On is the video interview format created by C41. Three are the ‘simple’ questions asked initially to the three curators, and later to the 14 photographers, who created and took part in the contemporary photography exhibition.

The final episode is with Noma OsulaBorn and based in Lagos, Nigeria, Osula has been interested in portraiture since he first taught himself how to use the camera on his final year of university. He found photography to be a fitting medium to express his ideas, and portraiture a compelling genre to display them.

You can watch it on the C41 YouTube channel and also read it below.

1.Over the years, how has the mentality of fashion photography changed?

Hi My name is Noma Osula. The great positives of fashion photography is its dynamism over the years Just like art it has gradually surpassed its initial purpose of just documentation. It has evolved beyond literally been pinpointed for clothes and fashion. You can say it’s a bit multi-dimensional now. It has changed along with culture, society and influences. Statements, personality, cultural values of the creatives began to play a unique role. Questions where asked. Perceived notion challenged.

2.What makes photography contemporary art is perhaps the mix of languages, it is the lack of boundaries between one tool and another and the dialogue between different media. But when does photography really become contemporary art?

This is quite relative or subjective in a way and I have seen people debate about this over the years. Personally, I think photography can be contemporary art when it goes beyond solely aesthetics beauty or fashion. When it explores challenges celebrates or introduces new perspective or narratives. I think these are like valid components of any contemporary art. It kind of introduces  you to the other way of peoples life or processes.

3.One of the fastest sectors is slowing down, aesthetics is changing just as beauty standards are changing. What do you think is the future of fashion photography?

The future of photography… I sincerely can’t say. Its definitely changing. Its clear now that questions and challenges been made are actually valid. I hope for sure it continuously progresses beyond the standard of beauty… present standard of beauty and it being inclusive and diverse not just for the sake of financial benefit or brand value but its genuinety.


Featuring: Noma Osula @noma.o

Curated by Alice De Santis, Luca A. Caizzi
Editor: Elena Ottavi

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22 September 2020
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