C41 Questions On with Lavinia Francia: Life and Reactions after Covid-19

Questions On is a video interview format created by C41. Three are the ‘simple’ questions asked to our network friends, partners and creative minds. They tackle the current situation: How do they see their future, what kind of changes do they expect and how they are going to react to this unusual situation that we are living these days?

The tenth episode is with Lavinia Francia, creative director and Advertising teacher. She started her career in a small Italian agency, fell in love with the digital side of the work, then joined Ogilvy in 2014, where she still works. Through the years she worked with a brand oriented, integrated approach on multiple international clients, and she teaches at Art Direction & Copywriting MBA @Politecnico School in Milan.

You can watch the interview on the C41 YouTube channel and also read it below.

1. Future — How do you feel about your future when everything will be back to normal?

First of all we need to understand what will normality be because the habits we had before have drastically changed in these months. I think that the return to normality will be a gradual one, it will also be a very positive one because in these months we have learned to appreciate many things that we took for granted before and therefore I see a lot of joy, a lot of curiosity, certainly also a lot of resistance in some cases, meaning that diverse researches tell us for example that many people at the moment are not particularly happy to go out and meet other people because they feel safer and protected at home. We should see how it will be in the coming months, but I’m sure there will be a lot of opportunities to be found.

2. Change — What kind of changes will affect society, work environment and world itself?

Well, the world has already radically changed, it is said that in order to actually see a big change it is necessary to live very strong experiences but also extended in time. I got very impressed by an interview to Arvo Pärt I read a few days ago, which explained that probably, for the first time, human beings have lived such an intense and shared experience that made it possible to understand for the first time that the whole humanity is one and unique organism. I would like this awareness, also the awareness of living together and the responsibility we have towards others, to be brought into the world we will build from today on. Work will change, societies will change and they will change the work, but we can already make some predictions, in the sense that in these months many things have changed, there has been a bust of what is the consumption of products and digital services. For example, we have understood that for practicing sport in our living rooms is particularly comfortable and easy, and probably some of these new habits will stay, generating a certain difference in what are our daily lives, in those that are our economies. Surely the world of advertising is a particularly interesting one at the moment because advertising has started to become much more concrete, consumers today, especially right now, demand brands to be more concrete, more active and more solid, they are asking to do actions in support of people and therefore the approach to this kind of work will redefine itself. How? We will find it out from time to time.

3. Reactions — What are your reactions to this essential process of adaptation?

The process of adaptation has already begun: after two months I would say that new habits, new everyday routine have been perfectly established themselves within this process. Of course there are those who have taken them with more resistance and there are those who, like in my case, have found a great benefit. Smart working in itself was for me a virtuous tool that has also allowed me to redefine timing, relationships, to find more time being also much more efficient. I think that the new normality, the adaptation that is already in progress can potentially become an extremely positive thing, both for us as individuals and for us as society.


Featuring: Lavinia Francia @laviniafrancia

Curated by Riccardo Fantoni Montana, Luca A. Caizzi, Barbara Guieu
Words: Riccardo Fantoni Montana, Stefania Zanetti
Editing: Vittoria Elena Simone
Line production: Alice De Santis
Thanks to: Alessandro De Agostini, Robin Stauder

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14 May 2020
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