Domestic life: Bree Lamb turns household objects into American icons

Bree Lamb House Home COVER

Bree Lamb is a working artist and photographer based in New Mexico. She received her MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico. Bree is a Beaumont Newhall/Van Deren Coke Fellow and is represented by Gallery 19 in Chicago. She is the Assistant Editor at Fraction Magazine and Part-Time Faculty at New Mexico State University.

Bree has previously worked for Wildenstein & Company, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Fovea Exhibitions, and photo technique Magazine.

Bree Lamb House Home 01

About ‘A House, A Home’:

In the series, A House, A Home, I isolate ubiquitous household objects as a way to begin to investigate the traditions of domestic Ameri­can life. The interventions and style of photographic capture re-contextualize the objects as a way to challenge conventional domesticity and to pose questions about conformity, consumption, and convenience as staples of our American popular culture.

With the images, I hope to provide a space for the viewer to bring her or his own history and ideas to the dialogue. By transforming the objects into photo­graphic prints, I suggest the potential for rebirth as a commodity in a vastly different market.

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17 March 2017
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