Andrea Colacicco lets us live the wonderful Italian summer

‘Amalfi’ – a short film byAndrea Colacicco

Italian summer on the Amalfi Coast. Spending days discerning the details that people and places give us. Crazy swimsuits, water and sweat, 20 or 30 years old cabriolets, rocks and unspoilt nature, beach umbrellas and the sound of the sea; elderly people enjoying  life along with young people with extravagant hair next to their beach beds.

Our personal thoughts – words by Alice De Santis

What does summer mean? When you were a child it meant having three months of freedom, three months of vacation where instead of reading school books you experimented. The first outings, the first loves, the first kisses with salty lips. It meant savoring independence, it meant riding a bicycle with the sea in the background. The sound of the sea accompanies every summer memory and colors its happy shades. Immerse your face in the water and everything disappears, every thought, every concern, is simply you with the beat of your heart that echoes and the body that suddenly becomes light. You resurface and while floating in the water you look at the sky, the hot sun pinches the skin but once again the water protects you from everything. This is summer, letting yourself be lulled by those waves full of memories.

Andrea Colacicco’s bio

Andrea Colacicco, aka blackelephant ac, is a creative and digital artist.
He was born in Reggio Emilia, in 1991. His path starts from the world of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, to then deepen the animation field thanks to an experience in Bristol (UK). From the multifaceted style born from the desire to explore different techniques, trying to communicate through different languages: graphics, photography, video, 2D and 3D animations, performances, installations and videomapping. He works as a full-time freelance in Milan, where he collaborates with creative studios and high fashion brands in search of new and innovative stimuli for their productions.


A short film by Andrea Colacicco
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9 August 2020
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