Alexander Papadopoulos explores himself between the earth and the sun

‘Icaro I’ – a video by Alexander Papadopoulos

«Film is nothing more than light, and this light takes 8 minutes and a half to travel from the sun to our eyes».

Alexander is merging himself with Icaro. Between the Earth and the Sun, a persistent connection that pushes him back and forward in time, and slowly fades inside the sun, as his only reason of living. This and other short films will be part of this merging between Icaro and me, between the past and the future, between our star and Earth.

Our personal thoughts – words by Stefania Zanetti

Ok, now I am here, I see the horizon. No, it’s not gonna be reachable. Yes, I’m only here to get lost. I penetrate surroundings, dissipating here in between. Gaze down: distance. Do I feel lonely? Not sure. Gaze up: far away. Do I believe in something? Who knows.
So what was I looking for? I forgot. I look inside me. Connection attempts; should I search a deeper sense? I used to water cacti. All seems to evolve hysterically or is it the tension unleashing? Will I ever be bound to something? I just traced a route I will follow again.

I’m blue, all you have been telling me left an illusion in my soul. I have been embracing your warnings but you can’t teach me what to feel. Why did you craft my wings, instead of passing the know-how by? “Stay neither too low nor too high”. Theoretically as easy as 80 gr of pasta with oil and a slice of white meat. I swear I tried to measure everything, a life spent in plotting the courses but the present mutates. No satisfaction. A sneer inside traces a bullet list of urgent craves.

Now my breath can mark irregular frequencies and my nerves unwind. My stomach is bubbling and I’m suspended, no stumble in hiccups. The light’s appealing. It all seems extremely simple while I now forgot my told mission. My presence looms, I found some meat under my nails. Here comes the roundabout, I can’t stay in the middle. What is it that I’m yearning for? Please don’t pretend to judge me if my body twists in pleasure. 8 minutes for choices before the light will melt your texture. I am the scoop on a cone, waiting to be licked.

Alexander Papadopoulos’s bio

Iskander is an alias that moves itself through the digital and non-digital world. It’s the simple result of a father’s choice for a name, Alexander, that in greek means “Defender of Mankind”, but reading it within his eastern variant. Iskander is a symbol for conjunction, a mixture between western and eastern societies, from political and social themes to self-exploration, from photography to video installation and performances. His research within himself and his surroundings, from the common to the sacre, and especially the connection with his origins, are all dominant themes of his works.


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2 min
Words by
Stefania Zanetti
Published on
17 May 2020
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