Adam Wilkoszarski portraits an Israeli city of ambivalence

Adam Wilkoszarski New Utopia17

Adam Wilkoszarski is a polish documentary and landscape photographer based in Poznań, Poland, class 1986. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from the University of Arts in Poznań.

In his works, he concentrates on the ways in which places usually full of people, are changing the very moment in which they become abandoned and empty. Through his practice, he finds places in which the borders between public and private spheres are blurred looking for the signs of disappearing and crossing of those borders. His ways of developing projects seem to be fuild and rather spontaneous, accompanying him towards the concept of his interest in a cyclical way, while his images are often silent hiding a very human and intimate relationship with space and time.

About ‘New Utopia’ – words by Adam Wilkoszarski

Wonderful landscapes, exotic nature and warm sea illuminated by the brilliant sun shining incessantly. Ejlat is a paradise. No wonder, it is considered one of the most striking tourist destinations in Israel. Similarly to Israel itself, this city can’ t be embraced in one emotion, sentence or image. It is as ambivalent as it can be. The perfect and utopian landscape is somewhat overshadowed by history, politics, and dealings of the high and mighty of this world. Take a step beyond the barbed wire and you will uncover another completely different reality. The reality, which for a person on the outside, is both illusory and utopian.

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9 September 2019
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