aboutCAMBIO, behind the scenes of the latest Formafantasma’s project

‘aboutCAMBIO’ is a backstage documentary by Leone and Vittoria Elena Simone going behind the scenes of the latest Formafantasma’s project. The frames show the duo exploring the devastated land of Val di Fiemme – yet finding some beauty in the disaster’s rests. That could be considered the starting point of their whole experimental investigation, which literally took its raw material from the place we see. The film underlines the spontaneous attitude of Formafantasma towards their surroundings, and addresses awareness around the consequences of human impact on the natural world. In this sense, the mission of ‘Cambio’ is to expand the understanding of what design can be, beyond the finished object, in order to include also its disciplinary boundaries: forestry techniques and timber legislations become tools for shaping a better future for the environment and for everyone.

The ongoing exhibition will be hosted by the Serpentine Galleries of London until May 17th 2020. More information about ‘Cambio’ are available on the dedicated website. Formafantasma will also be featured in C41 issue 10.


Images from visual essay by C41 x Formafantasma

Leone Balduzzi, creative director, project supervisor

Vittoria Elena Simone, JVC shooting, editing
Carlo Banfi, bolex shooting 

Barbara Guieu, executive producer
Leone Balduzzi, executive producer
Luca A. Caizzi, executive producer

Movie People, technical equipment

Francesca Pavoni, dp

Giovanni Nardi, drone pilot
Riccardo Laratro, gaffer
Elvis Musicco, gaffer
Maurizio Miroglio, key grip
Francesca Lamura, focus puller
Giacomo Pandiani, assistant camera
Rens Tak, assistant camera

Carlo Banfi, production coordinator
Nicolò Carugo, pa

Vittoria Elena Simone, editor
Orash Rahnema, colorist
Andrea Vavassori, visual effects 
Smider Noise, sound design
Lorenzo Dal Rì, sound design

Time to read
1 min
Words by
Leone Balduzzi, Vittoria Elena Simone
Published on
16 March 2020
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