A World of Pro(s): Into Week 3 (of 5) with Camilla Anne Jerome

A World Of Pros X Procamera Camille Anne Jerome Cover

Week 3: we’re going to the States.

Let’s get real with our third editorial (out of 5) of A World of Pro(s), our collaboration project about the meaning of change, featuring photographers based in different parts of the planet.

Together with ProCamera – an iOS photo, video, and editing app bursting with state-of-the-art technology – we asked them to photoshoot their series using an iPhone camera.

“Photography is about framing the world. It’s a gift to be shared with the community.
Take five smartphones out of your pockets, and give them to five strangers with different backgrounds. Do you see the professionals of the future?”

Today we’re presenting American photographer Camilla Anne Jerome and her very intimate representation of the theme.

Move to the bar if you want to meet the future.

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30 November 2016
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